Michael Pryor was invited to take part in a presentation and round table discussion hosted by Provides Ng and Alberto Fernandez in Mozilla Hubs VR environments. The event named “Round the Table: A Planetary Classroom Beyond the 2D Frame - The Phygital in Education” discusses the phygital, its application in education, and the potential impacts on our built environment. The roundtable explored the processes of how the phygital is taught and how the phygital helps in teaching. Panelists included Matt Cool (Mozilla Hubs), Debra Isaac & Eli Joteva (Houdini School), Ann Kon, Yana Saykovskaya & Oleg Yusupov (Phygitalism), Michael Pryor (DesignMorphine), Ivan Puzyrev (ARhead.io), Biayna Bogosian & Evangelos Pantazis (CAADfutures), David Sperling and David Torreblanca (SIGraDi), Katya Popova (Strelka Institute Public Program) and is supported and funded by UCL’s Researcher-led Initiative Awards.