Hamid Hassanzadeh of ParametricArchitecture interviewed four tutors from our upcoming Master’s Degree program about their upcoming Master’s inspired webinars. The four tutors were Keyur Mistry, Radul Shishkov, Chantal Matar, and Mateusz Zwierzycki. The interviews took place on ParametricArchitecture’s Instagram live and is recorded on YouTube. Each tutor discussed their personal journeys, interests, what they will be teaching, and their roles in the Master’s Degree program. The four webinars they will be teaching are Bionic Articulations V1.0, Contorted Compositions V1.0, Kinetic Correlations V1.0, and Scripted Synergies V1.0 which all focus on software such as ZBrush, Grasshopper, Houdini, and C# scripting.