Michael Pryor was invited a guest on the clubhouse group Architecture Talks for an interview and discussion. Architecture Talks is a Clubhouse group which meets every Friday to discuss topics and issues dealing with architecture, design, and its education – talking to architects, designers, and educators. The talk was hosted by Keko Al-Ramah who founded the Architecture Talks Clubhouse group. In the chat Michael discussed how he ended up in product design being trained as an architect and what started his journey on design education. A large part of the conversation between Michael, Keko and other guests revolved around the importance of social media for architects and designers. Michael also stressed the importance of learning software the right way and not to jump directly to visually interesting examples just to impress others on social media. Lastly, Michael talked about DesignMorphine’s new Resources section on their website which filters out a select group of approved intro courses that he recommends for those starting new software.