Our HorizON lamp has been published on Yanko Design. Designed by Arturo Tedeschi, Michael Pryor, and Pavlina Vardoulaki, light fixtures have the potential to give your room the accent piece needed to completely open it up with just the right amount of warm, soft light or bursts of ample, bright light. Designing new and unique light fixtures is no easy feat though and the designers behind HorizON, a suspension lamp with an elliptical form designed and constructed in Italy’s glass-making capital, Murano, took it upon themselves to completely reimagine the future of lighting design. The bright light emanates from inside golden clouds that meet the outer edges of the 3D-printed core’s semi-transparent, nylon lining. Love is in the imperfections with this suspended light fixture design and thankfully, there are as many imperfections as there are reasons for them.