Computational Design: Next 4.0 was a two-day interactive conference on the 17th and 18th April 2021 with global frontiers and design thinkers collaborating on a single platform for live presentations, tutorials, interactive sessions, live mentorship, and panel discussions. The core theme was to introduce newer computational design methods to update the audience through interactive workshops, architectural presentations from stalwarts highlighting their design finesse in the field of Parametric Architecture. A collaborative initiative by ParametricArchitecture (PA), rat [LAB]EDUCATION, DesignMorphine, and A>T. Guest lectures and webinars were conducted by Brian Ringley, Soomeen Hahm, Ayoub Ahmad, Kristýna Uhrová, Cameron Newnham, Vincenzo Reale, Mauro Porcini, Nathan Miller, Mollie Claypool, Edwin Hernandez, Suryansh Chandra, and Fulvio Wirz.