Computational Design: Next 2.0 was a two-day interactive conference on the 26th and 27th September 2020 with global frontiers and design thinkers collaborating on a single platform for live presentations, tutorials, interactive sessions, live mentorship, and panel discussions which was a collaborative initiative by ParametricArchitecture (PA), rat [LAB]EDUCATION, Design Morphine, and A>T. Computational Design Next 2.0 was a massive opportunity that was a spellbinding time-jump to understand parametricism and computation in design. Illustrated by curved code lines and connections that frame behind the futuristic forms that twist and twirl and stretch and fold into avant-garde shapes and sizes. Guest lectures and webinars were conducted by Rafik Anadol, Justin Hattendorf, Zeynep Topal, iheartblob, Michail Desyllas, and Anouk Wipprecht.