Computational Design: Next is a 2-day online interactive conference that transcends global boundaries. Delve into the forefront of emerging technologies in art, architecture, design, and manufacturing. This innovative event is a harmonious collaboration between the visionary minds at Parametric Architecture (PA) and DesignMorphine, drawing participants from around the world. Join forces with some of the brightest minds in computational design as they unite to craft an immersive online learning platform, transforming the conference into a vibrant hub of cutting-edge ideas and expertise. The speakers and tutors consisted of Harlen Miller, Denisa Duncat, Marco Vannuci, Onur Yüce Gün, Claudia Campuzano, Joe Bogusky, Federico Borello, AbdulAlim U-K, Aida Rasouli Saani, Kirah Cahill, and Dustin White.