Computational Design: NEXT 10.0, a two-day online conference, featured cutting-edge architects and designers from diverse disciplines. The conference is a futuristic event that explores the potential and opportunities of computational thinking to support a shift in perspective toward better solutions by taking a step back and evaluating all the existing tools and technologies. Thanks to the partnership between ParametricArchitecture (PA) and DesignMorphine, CD Next 9.0 opened the way for students and young architects to deepen their awareness of these increasingly connected topics. This iterations speakers and tutors consisted of Elif Erdine, Ignacio Revenga, Arian Hakimi, Dinara Kasko, Elshareef Kabbashi, Sina Mostafavi, Marcela Spadaro, Andrea Rossi, Dimitar Pouchnikov, Roberto Naboni, Laura Maria Gonzalez, and Matias Del Campo.