GENs are the first fully and truly procedural metaverse-ready digital assets to date. While most metaverse collections are developed by creating a library of pre-made parts that are then procedurally assembled and swapped in and out with each other, GENs take procedural generation to an entirely new level! No main part of the GENs body is pre-determined or manually made, every GEN is entirely unique, even if the attribute trait values are the same. In this way the attribute traits are directly related to the GEN forming, as opposed to being an additive process or assembly. Each GEN is made up of 10 defining attribute categories with a total of 93 possible traits across them. GEN is short for Generator; they are multi-functional telekinetic lifeforms whose bodies appear as an amalgamation of solidified material chunks arranged in an orb-like composition with various overlaps, layers, and intersections. They have a variety of capabilities, including resource collection, data processing, code decryption, hologram projecting, player guidance, recording, surveillance, levitation, channeling, and more. However, their primary purpose is as a generator. A GEN can process various resources and energy particles through its Reactor Cores and output them back into the environment as repurposed matter, generating novel animate and inanimate creations.