The Space Anfractuous paintings are formal and spatial explorations that are fueled by the notion which embraces the immensity of the complexities of a being. The process of comprehending a foreign idea involves a distortion of meaning that breeds new ideologies and questions. This particular distortion interests me, and my paintings are explorations on similar lines. Space Anfractuous is a metaphor for a smooth mixture of ambiguities and ambivalence – like ethereal forms, juxtapositions, and multilayered folds of meanings – that exists in perhaps every possible substance. The explorations wrap these several frames and invite the spectator to experience them simultaneously. The paintings invite multiple points of view and traverse the ethereal boundaries between art and architecture, being and non-being, material and memory, expressions, and the presence of the inexpressible. Space Anfractuous paintings are available as acrylic on canvas, watercolor on canvas, and as graphic prints, each coming with a certificate of authenticity.