Founded by scientific designer Laura Maria Gonzalez, Microbi Design merges nature with design. Using computational software and 3D printing, Microbi makes products that feature intricate patterns and bold colors. The Coral Soaps come in three unique patterns: Brainy, Wavy, and Spotty. They are inspired by the beauty of coral reefs such as the Leptoria, Platygyra, and Agaricia corals. The intricate patterns of these corals are captured using silicone molds, which are shaped by 3D-printed designs. The soaps are vibrantly colored with a textured pattern that is inspired by the shapes found in corals. Each design was digitally grown and 3D printed to create the detailed soaps. The Coral Dish includes a network of openings to drain water allowing the coral soaps to last longer. It also works great to hold everyday knick-knacks and small items such as keys.