The Isomorphic Star table is a design collaboration between Michael Sean Stolworthy (MSMD Studio) and Dustin White (Director Digital Technologies & Fabrication, Adjunct Professor at New York Institute of Technology and Member of DesignMorphine). This is a creative study that gave birth to a mathematical piece of functional art forged in bronze, steel and Rosso Levanto marble. Blending their respective design disciplines allowed for the playful creation of this unique piece. Harnessing the power of Maya & Rhino software, together they explored and generated surfaces that expressed isomorphic star patterns derived from their 2D vector origins. Hand forged and cast bronze pieces bare the marks of artisanal creation techniques unique to the Craft of production. Porosity and other inherent details from the forging process are celebrated adding handcrafted character to this one of a kind piece. In the end, they made a beautiful drink table which fuses computer aided manufacturing & age old fabrication methods to materialize precious metals and exotic stone.