HorizON lamp is based on the belief that the industry of the next years won’t only evolve through a constant, technological upgrade of products, but reconsider values such as uniqueness, hand making, and even “imperfection”. Following this idea, we decided to produce a hybrid design where contemporary technology meets the skillful human touch. HorizON lamp combines 3D printing with venetian glass craftsmanship, by encapsulating a freeform 3D printed shape within a handmade glass shelter manufactured in Murano, the legendary Italian glassmaking center. During daylight hours the glass shelter is the main protagonist, exhibiting the preciousness of fine glass. At night the LED system emits light which is filtered by the inner 3D printed core. HorizON aims at becoming a hybrid object, between evolution and tradition, an expression of the current urge to rebalance the role of technology within a framework where human touch can be considered as an industrial value. It is a Symbiosis of traditional Italian glass-making techniques and state-of-the-art 3d printing technology.