Drag And Drop is a consultancy and fabrication service redefining the aesthetics and performance of everyday objects by developing a new kind of craftsmanship, made possible by the advent of large scale 3d printing and algorithms with rich aesthetic expressions.. Empowered by the level of details that the 3D printing technology allows, Drag And Drop explores the richness of expression, of patterns and fluid shapes sculpted by gravity. Drag And Drop hanging lamps are created by a complex articulated equilibrium in the form of tridimensional curvature patterns is delineated through the interaction between two divergent material behaviors. On one hand, the stored elastic energy of stretched textile, on the other hand, the stiffness of a thermoplastic polymer distributed heterogeneously through 3d printed algorithmically generated patterns. The two material components form a hybrid system with a smooth aesthetic appearance, inherent material efficiency, and structural stability. Drag And Drop vases, pots, and additional lamps explore various materials through 3d printing methods paired with mathematical formulas. These materials range from Ceramics, Clay, Bio-based PLA, Recycled PLA, Recycled PET, and others which are committed to offering sustainable products for a better future.