By Alejandra Design's ceramics focus on creating intricate design products for both home décor and wearable art. These ceramic designs range from pottery, tableware, jewelry, furniture, lighting fixtures and beyond. The products are designed using computational algorithms and the molds are printed in-house with a 3d printer. The final pieces are made using a slip casting technique and fired in a kiln. Each piece is then hand glazed and finished by different material interactions to create varying effects which end up with organic patterns and beautiful geometric results. Every product is unique due to the hand finishing process and material interaction which ensures no two pieces are exactly alike. This meeting of precise algorithmic mold making paired with hand finishing generates a product which is not only geometrically precise but has a handmade overlay bringing the products to an unrepeatable level of sophisticated results. The collections are products curated based on technique, color and/or material. Items in a collection are made to be combined easily with one another but feel free to mix and match if it suits your taste.